The Nacho Challenge

I have a dream.. Inspired by Nacho Libre butt-squeeze (his recreation pose), now I dreamt of making a guinness world record by having a thousand butt-squeeze videos from around the world! Are u game enough to join? ;-)


How to support the Nacho Challenge?

To support the Nacho Challenge movement, u may want to copy or hyperlink to the picture below and use it in yr blog or webpage.. (see an example)

#1 - First Nacho participant!!

Name: Shini

Country: Singapore

How to join the Nacho Challenge?

Do u have a recreation pose? and if it's the same as Nacho, pls join us! ;-)

It's very simple to participate.. but not everyone can squeeze their butt!! and that's the challenge.. ;-)

juz follow the instructions below:

1. Video your butt squeeze. Make sure u captured two butt squeeze to qualify. Dont video longer than a minute! We juz wanna see u squeeze yr butt twice.. ;-)

2. Upload yr video to (our preference) or any other video website of your choice. What is important is that we can embed yr video into our blog or at least we can hyperlink or point to your video or website.

3. Email us at and provide us the following details:
(i) Your name. Can be yr real name or nickname.
(ii) Country. e.g. US, Singapore, Spain, Mexico,..
(iii) Your video link. Can be a hyperlink, embedded codes,.. as long as we can put it on our blog easily.

Some simple rules that u must adhere to, in order to join:
1. No naked images
2. No vuglar, sexually explicit, or obscene language
3. No racially, ethnically, religiously offensive, or defamatory language
4. Just remember, it's all in the name of good fun! ;-)
5. The organiser reserved the rights to add, edit or remove any video or info from this website.

Pictures of Nacho Libre

The Nacho Challenge begins..

Can u squeeze yr butt like Jack Black in Nacho Libre movie? If yes, we encourage u to join me and hundreds of others in the Nacho Challenge!!

Let the master show u the way!! Watch the clip below.. ;-)